4 Ways to Style the Rainbow Bright Turban

You can't go wrong with this iconic style, the throw-on-and-go 1970s-inspired Scarf!

  • Start with your hair down and parted any way that you like. I almost always chose a center part.
  • Place the turban over the top of your head with the back and ties over one ear.
  • Smooth crown of turban down on all sides until you find a shape you like.
  • Tie the hanging scarf ties in a simple double knot to secure.

Styling note - It may take a minute for you to smooth the turban into a shape you like. I really like to smooth everything down super flat in the back and almost tuck the fabric into itself so no extra fabric is hanging over. Take the opportunity to try something new and have fun with it!

One of the easiest and super stylish ways to use the Rainbow Bright Turban is creating the fun 1960s-inspired Beehive hair covering!

  • To Create this look pull your hair into a super high messy bun at the top of my head.
  • Slip the turban over your head with the ties towards the back at your neck.
  • Cross the ties at the back and wrap to the center front.
  • Tie a simple knot to secure. Make sure not to tie this one too tight. You really want to create a fun beehive shape.

Styling note - I adore the way this looks with the Muu Muu and Caftan. A relaxed 60's vacation-casual look or you can add a fantastic brooch to the center front knot for a glam evening on the town.

Here's an attention grabber, The Braid!

  • To begin comb hair as if you were going to braid you hair. I usually comb everything over to the side that I want my finished braid. 
  • Place the turban over the top of your head with the hanging ties to the side you want your finished braid. 
  • Split your hair into 3 sections for the braid and include each tie individually into your sections. You will end up with one section that has no turban tie.
  • Braid your hair starting at the base of the turban. You will most likely have additional turban ties hanging at the bottom of your braid which I love. Use a hair tie to secure the bottom of your braid. Keep the braid loose and imperfect for that effortless look. 

Styling note - This is a super simple way to have a polished hairstyle with minimal effort. I like to use a clear elastic band instead of a traditional hair tie if I have one on hand.

Sweet and simple, put a Bow on it!

  • To begin put your hair in a loose bun or pony. The goal is to get all of your hair up in the turban
  • Place the turban over your head with the opening and ties to the front of your head.
  • Tie a traditional bow at the front. You can either leave the bow tails hanging or tuck them into the bow loops for a sleek look.

 Styling note - If you have short hair or want to add more volume to the turban add a bun donut or scarf to the top of your head and place the turban over it to fill it out. This is the perfect last minute go to hair covering. Just add a pair of fun earrings and you are ready to go. 

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