Wrap Scarf Hair Tutorial

Today I am sharing one of my go to hairstyles in real time. It takes under 5 minutes and works with many hair lengths. It's a fast and fun style that you can wear as is or jazz it up with some hair flowers or pins. It's completely up to you!


  • Wrap Scarf
  • 2 Hair Ties
  • A Few Bobby Pins

How To:

  • Start by parting your hair front to back. I usually do a center part but this style works well with a side part. It can be precise or loosely done depending on the look you are going for.
  • Fold the Wrap Scarf on the narrow side in 4th so you still have the full length but are marking the width narrower.
  • Take the center of folded Wrap Scarf with the open folded end facing the back of your head and secure with one bobby pin.
  • Now we are ready to braid! Split one side of youtr hair into 2 parts and use the wrap scarf as the 3rd portion of the braid. Braid your hair with the scarf until you reach the end of your hair and tie it off with a hair tie.
  • Repeat the process on the other side of your hair.
  • Take your 2 braids and tie them into a knot on the top of your head. I usually try to line up the braid with where the original scarf hairpin was placed at center front.
  • Pin as needed until knotted braid feels secure at the top of your head.
  • Unfold the ends of the scarf that remain and tuck them under the front of your braid until you achieve a shape that you like.
  • Secure the scarf ends with bobby pins until they feel set.