Let's Try On Polka Dot Palms

Let's try on Polka Dot Palms! I tend to say this is my new favorite print every fit video, but this one pulls at my heartstrings with the hint of Cactus Rouge that I will always love. A collection with separates allows for so much creativity to mix and match. We can't wait to see how you style Polka Dot Palms.

Items in order of appearance:

Seaside Gown - 20

Liz Caftan - XL

Liz Caftan - XXL

Petal Tie Top - 22

Belle Pants - 22

Esther Halter Top - XL

Heather Blazer - XXL

Heather Blazer - XL

40s Skirt - 22

Hilary Halter - 22

Evie Shorts - 22

Minda Romper - 20

Hollywood Circle Dress - 20

Miracle Yard Scarf