Ladies and gentlemen, put your hands together for Preservation Hall! Inspired by the fabric art of Laura Jean Allen, our newest print features timeless motifs of New Orleans music and nightlife, including the iconic Preservation Hall drum.



Launched in 2011, the Preservation Hall Foundation protects, preserves, and perpetuates the musical traditions and heritage of New Orleans.
Its programs serve more than 33,000 children annually — including those with special needs, employs more than 50 culture bearers, and provides free resources to schools and music programs like the Brass Bandbook and National New Orleans Music Curriculum.
For most New Orleanians, the words “Preservation Hall” conjure up the magic of sitting cross-legged on the floor, nodding along to familiar, timeless songs played by some of the best musicians in the country. Today, the foundation works to manifest what has been the ethos of the Hall since its inception — core values of empowerment, accountability, inclusiveness, integrity, and justice, while passing musical knowledge from one generation to the next.


Preservation Hall Foundation provides education programming, in schools and detention centers and at the Hall and its initiatives target underserved youth. The foundation supports our city’s elder culture-bearers through its Legacy program, employing and providing services to the musicians who have contributed so much. It conserves valuable archives, shares oral histories and collaborates with a range of musical partners so that the tradition may evolve in meaningful ways. Additional outreach activities occur through the Preservation Hall Jazz Band’s tour stops and engagements with international partner sites. 

With a nod to jazz album covers and the Beat Generation, bold neon sketches of musical instruments and nightlife dance across the smooth, silky rayon of our special Preservation Hall print. Celebrate the New Orleans Tricentennial and support an important organization with this pitch-perfect collection!



From May 17, 2018, through June 16, 2018, 10% of proceeds from the sale of the Preservation Hall collection (both online and in-store) will be donated to the Preservation Hall Foundation. You can view the entire collection here. To learn more about the amazing work PHF is doing in our community, visit